CaDD Explorer

CaDD Explorer is a rapid, highly-scalable and web-based review of the capacity to include climate change in the decision-making processes of multiple stakeholders in a system (e.g. a supply chain, a government ministry, a value chain, a geographical area, an industry, a sector, and so on) – It is capable of handling from dozens to thousands of stakeholder organisations. It can also grow organically to include new relevant stakeholder as participants identify who else is important to their decisions. In some few cases, it is more appropriate to conduct CaDD Explorer reviews in dialogue rather than web-based - e.g. - where access to the internet has been limited (this alternative approach of course has some resource implications). Explorer reviews (electronic and dialogue) can easily be updated with your own relevant questions to design bespoke applications for any given project or programme of action.

The multi-stakeholder Explorer review rapidly determines what response level an organisation is at - note that this is not to the detail of each pathway, as that is a more time-consuming and complex process. Each Explorer questionnaire can usually be completed in less than 20 mins. Once set up, Explorer can cover thousands of organisations at very little cost per additional organisation.